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Root Canal Therapy

Safe and Effective Root Canal Treatment in Stafford

The adverse effects of acute tooth pain on your health can prevent you from performing simple tasks and enjoying life. Root canal therapy in Stafford is an effective solution for healing dental trauma and infection and preserving your natural tooth.

Our highly experienced team at Stafford Gentle Touch is renowned for its effective and patient-focused services. Dr. Gollapalli combines skill and experience with modern technology and techniques to provide root canal treatment that can restore your oral health. We also accommodate same-day appointments for eligible cases.

You can count on our team to always treat you with compassion and a focus on your comfort and well-being. If you experience tooth pain and need reliable care, schedule an appointment with our dentist today.


Why Consider Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy may sound intimidating, but this procedure has a high success rate for helping patients find relief from a dental infection. This treatment is designed to alleviate pain and is often compared to getting a filling or crown. There are several benefits to this treatment, including:

  1. It saves your natural teeth: Extraction should always be the final option when treating a decayed or damaged tooth. Root canal therapy helps save your natural teeth and restore their practical use, helping you avoid costly tooth replacements.
  2. It prevents the infection of adjacent teeth: Pulp infection is a leading cause of decay due to bacteria accumulation in the tooth cavity. It's also likely to spread to neighboring teeth. Root canal therapy in Stafford prevents this escalation by removing harmful bacteria.
  3. It protects dental aesthetics: After removing the infected pulp, Dr. Gollapalli completes the procedure by installing a crown that looks and functions like a natural tooth.
  4. It maintains bite structure: Tooth extractions leave gaps that misalign your remaining natural teeth and hasten bone loss in your jaw. Root canal therapy prevents these complications.
  5. It improves oral and overall health: Severe tooth decay can have adverse effects on your overall health. Once the infection spreads to your bloodstream, it causes potentially harmful conditions such as sepsis and meningitis. Poor oral health can also exacerbate chronic illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. In addition to solving your dental problems, root canal therapy in Stafford also protects your overall health.

How Do Dental Infections Happen?

Dental infections start when bacteria invade your teeth through untreated cavities. The infection spreads to the root, where it may cause inflammation and swelling at the tip. Poor dental hygiene and regular consumption of sugar-rich foods increase the risk of dental abscesses and cavities. Another risk factor is a dry mouth caused by aging and some types of medication.

Multiple signs and symptoms can point to tooth infection, including tender, dark, bleeding, or swollen gums. You might also experience heightened sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and pain while chewing. Other symptoms are bleeding, unexpected pain, discolored enamel, loose teeth, fever, and gum abscesses.

Our Root Canal Treatment Process

Root canals in StaffordDuring your initial consultation, Dr. Gollapalli will perform a thorough examination, including taking dental x-rays, to determine the extent of your infection. Depending on your situation, she may recommend some preparatory measures a few days before starting the root canal therapy in Stafford. One of them involves taking antibiotics to reduce swelling and manage the infection. If your infection is too complex, Dr. Gollapalli will recommend a qualified endodontist for specialized treatment.

Root canal therapy begins by making an opening in the crown to expose the pulp. The diseased pulp is then removed, and the chamber thoroughly disinfected. Once cleaned, the root canal is filled with an antibacterial material and sealed with a filling to prevent reinfection. The dentist will provide a temporary crown while waiting for your custom crown to be finished.

Root canal therapy typically requires at least two appointments because it takes about two weeks to craft custom dental crowns. Once ready, we’ll remove the temporary crown and place your permanent one. Once your mouth has fully healed, you can eat, speak, and smile comfortably once more.

Preventing the Need for Root Canal Treatment

Our team is happy to help you treat whatever dental problems you may be facing. With that said, the most effective and safest treatment is always preventing problems from occurring. The following preventive measures can help you maintain healthy teeth:

  • Brush at least twice and floss once daily.
  • Avoid hard foods, candies, and crunchy snacks, which could crack your teeth and create an entry point for bacteria.
  • Avoid acidic and sugary beverages because they slowly dissolve the enamel and feed bacteria with sugar.
  • Wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports or at night if you experience bruxism.

We also recommend scheduling regular dental checkups at least twice a year. In addition to providing professional cleanings that remove excess plaque and bacterial buildup, our team can also identify cavities and other problems before they worsen.

Protecting Your Smile With Root Canal Therapy in Stafford

At Stafford Gentle Touch Dentistry, we're committed to providing quality dental treatments to every patient. Dr. Gollapalli leads an experienced and compassionate team that offers customized treatment plans. In addition to root canal therapy in Stafford, we offer dental implants, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your best smile.

Don't let dental pain keep you from smiling and enjoying your life to its fullest. Schedule your consultation today to get the dental care you deserve.



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